Holy Apostles Church in Athens

The Holy Apostles Church (Agii Apostoli) is a great example of Byzantine architecture. It is located on the Ancient Athenian Agora. The Church the was built in the last quarter of the 10th century, to cater to the expanding community in this part of the city.

The Agii Apostoli Solaki church suffered damage during the war over Athens between the Ottomans and Venetians around 1687 and it was repaired in the 18th century. More extensive restoration work was carried out in 1876-82, which unfortunately included unattractive extensions that altered the church’s original form. These alterations were reversed during a restoration and excavation project carried out 1954-1956.

The church is built on the plan of a Greek cross (a cross with equal arms), with a narthex on the west side.

The photo was taken in June, 2008.

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